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30 April 2008

Art for art's sake?


Image from Domino April 2008

Apart from the fact that Drew Barrymore's much hyped production offices were brown and old-fashioned and fugly as hell, I was somewhat saddened to see this wall of thrift shop finds was proudly emblazoned as having been 'scored in one day'.

Leaving aside the fact that it is one of the ugliest walls of art I've ever encountered, aren't art walls supposed to be full of precious treasures tracked down over years, each with its own memories attached and story to tell - winning a nailbiting Ebay auction; discovering an unknown artist on Etsy,; saving up for a piece by your favourite artist that you can't really afford and yes, tracking down something genuinely delightful in a thrift shop or flea market?

Or is  it just me?


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I completely agree. A wall full of stuff found all in one day is not nearly as nice as one that takes time to cultivate! The whole idea feels very fake-interesting.

Agreed. I would much rather accumulate art over time, rather than "score in one day." Much more creative-feeling.

Yes, I couldn't agree more. I bought that issue of Domino when we were in Canada to specifically to see Drew Barrymore's studio and was so disappointed. It is horribly over interior designed and impersonal and that wall is particularly fake. Finding pieces over time is so much fun. Why take away that pleasure?!

I'm with you and the others. Utter rubbish. Domino should know better.

You crack me up! Domino is sinking fast. That wall of 'scored' paintings was like buying faux-personality.

I couldn't agree me. I love Drew Barrymore (I know, don't tell me) but I can't defend the poor design of her offices. I thought the very same thing as you about the comment of picking them all up in one day. So what we can all do that, and our walls will look like crap too.

Completely agree. I thought of this at the Fremont Sunday market over the weekend. I bought one extremely cool print from 1976 for $10, and it occured to me that I could "score an entire wall full!" for about 50 bucks. But why, when the one piece I scored actually meant something to me?

Love the art but I agree, the idea of hitting a flea market and scoring all that in one day is, well, sad. Then again, it is very much in style with what Hollywood is all about -- facades.

Um, who cares if she got all her art in one day? Maybe she's really busy being an actress and director and doesn't have time to search for art that "truly means something" to her, when all she really wants is a big wall full of pictures that looks cool. Not everyone is an art enthusiast.

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