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14 April 2008

Bowl-ing bowl-ing bowl-ing


I've just knitted a small green hat.  It is the very first article I've ever knitted on circular needles and it knitted up incredibly easily and quickly as I used big fat needles and big fat wool (Lamb's Pride Bulky in Pistachio). I can't believe that on the couple of occasions I've knitted hats before, I've had to sew seams.  This is so much the better way.


Except that actually, it's not really a hat. If you turn it upside down, bit becomes a, currently rather porous, bowl.  These felted woollen bowls were mentioned on Design Sponge a few weeks ago and I was completely intrigued. They are from the book Oneskein, which also gives instructions.on how to felt it in the washing machine  And that's where I'm a bit stuck at the moment as felting sounds a bit tricky. Is it really possible to turn my hat into this?


Image from Design*Sponge 


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I think so! I've just had a quick ol' google for felt in washing machine and had loads of hits that don't look like nonsense. If it was that easy, I think it's a goer. Certainly you could do a practice run with an old jumper of the hubbies that you can turn into a felted cushion to save your nice bowl. It does shrink ALOT in my experience though, so bear that in mind!!

Congrats on the round knitting. Gorgeous colour and up the thick sticks. Makes a world of difference!!

Yep, its really that easy to felt stuff. If you want to control the process carefully you can even felt it by hand in a big bowl of warm sudsy water and rolling it up in something like plastic bubble wrap so that its a tube, and then you roll it back on forth like pie dough on a towel. The friction and the hot water make the fibers bind together and tighten up. I have that book One Skein and really like the bowels too; I haven't tried them yet though. I intend to as its one of the only patterns I think I can master on my own. =*) I'd love to see pics if you make 'em.

I still haven't plucked up the courage to felt it, but will report back when I do. I might try the hand-felting, thanks for those tips...feels like I might have more control over the outcome...

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