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29 April 2008

Come Into My Garden - April


This month the garden is all about blossom and tulips and the colour scheme has become more subdued again as the bright yellow early daffs and lipstick pink tulips fade away.



The cherry tree was in her full splendour earlier on in the month but now a confetti of tiny white blossoms cascades down over the garden every time there is a slight breeze, leaving a dusting of 'snow' all over the flower beds.  It is all very lovely.


The espaliered apples are also looking stunning.  I had forgotten how beautiful pink-tinged apple blossom can be.


This is the view looking across to our neighbours' house and over towards Lake Union.


I have been talking sternly to the squirrel to make sure he doesn't get all our apples this year.

Some gorgeous new tulips have arrived which I like much better than the rather gaudy lipstick red ones we had last month.  I wish I could remember their names though.

491 506


Somewhat foolishly though I planted these in the bed on the side of the garden where they can't be admired easily from the patio.

Close to the patio I appear to have inadvertently created a 'black' garden where the black violas I planted last autumn are still going strong, mixed with the dark new leaves of the berberis and the velvety black of 'Queen of the Night', one of my favourite tulips. I love how it's completely not 'springlike', though I wish I'd planted a few pink or orange tulips here to liven it up a bit, and it is really difficult to photograph.




The back of the garden in contrast is now a white garden full of white daffodils, counterpointed by the lime green of the fading hellebores and the sprinkling of tiny white flowers on the daphne.  I'm loving the way that bluebells are growing up naturally through the woodland garden at the back.


We've been working to spruce up the patio a bit as well.  The pansy which I planted last autumn is now enormous, so I moved it to the pot where the gaudy tulips were, awaiting further instructions.
















I've also given up on my dream of growing dwarf chamomile in between the flagstones (I couldn't find the 'lawn' variety anywhere) and have been putting in this pretty little thyme.

All the sprucing is in honour of the newly painted Adirondack chairs, now complete with little table from Target.




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It all looks so glorious. I love tulips

Cherry blossoms are the best! :)

Your garden has turned out beautifully! You should be very proud. Every photo is great, but I especially like the orange chair peaking through the dark foliage. Happy Spring.

I love the combination chartreuse and chocolate. It's so hip. But it's your apple blossoms that I envy the most.

Oh, how gorgeous!

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