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14 April 2008

The Three Chairs


We finished painting them over the weekend and I think they're OK.  They're pretty dazzling when the sun's out, but brighten up a dull grey day like today no end.  We just need a little round cedar coffee table, which will stay resolutely natural in colour.

It's going to be interesting to see how they go with the garden colour scheme as it develops over the year. The yellow of the daffs will fade away and be replaced by lots of purple and chocolate plants enlivened with splashes of hot pink, red and orange. Though next year I may avoid such very pink tulips.


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I could happily add those to my In Your Face Range. Well done

There is no doubting that they're In Your Face...

You must keep the pink tulips. Or get more. And some orange ones too.

You're right. Next year I must embrace my inner garishness.

(Foolishly I think I forgot to plant my orange tulip bulbs - will definitely need to get some next year).

I think the chairs are looking lovely!

Big thumbs up! Much improved from the pastels. When the bright sun and blue sky of summer hit, these will be in their true element.

BTW, I've been interviewing people for a garden makeover on a budget. Did you do the hardscape yourselves or hire someone, and if so, would you recommend them? Thanks,
Seattle Daily Photo

OH MY! I just stumbled on to your site somehow and this pictured instantly grabbed me!!! I love the bright colors here:)

I'll definitely be frequenting your blog!

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