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31 May 2008

Hotel Careyes

The one problem with Mexico is that it's BIG.  And full of mountains.  Which makes getting around pretty difficult.

When we first started researching our holiday, we fondly imagined that we'd be able to see a few different places in very different parts of the country, but we soon realised that we would be racking up many hours and many dollars in plane flights as it's difficult to travel great distances in the car.

But we didn't just want to say in a big impersonal resort and so when we found a really great deal on the boutique-y Hotel Careyes on Luxury Link (how I love this site) we jumped at the chance.

When we told people that we were driving 150 miles south of Puerto Vallarta, people looked at us as if we were crazy, but I think that's because many American travellers are not very adventurous. True, the road through the Sierra Madre was a bit twisty and turny, but in pretty good condition and nothing like some of the truly terrifying roads we've driven on in Greece and Turkey.

We arrived at the hotel at midnight and were unable to ascertain whether it was 'colourful' (the Minx's key criterion for a good hotel).

She really needn't have worried.


We were also lucky enough (it was late in the season remember) to get an upgrade on the room, which was simply furnished, absolutely enormous and featured a large jacuzzi in the middle.  The decor was a little tired, but the hotel is apparently due for renovation, so catch it while it's still even vaguely affordable.


305I swear the jacuzzi got more use than ever before, as  the Minx LOVED it and would swim in it every morning while we lounged in bed.












El Careyes has an interesting history - an eccentric Italian built the resort and neighbouring villas and casitas in this remote enclave of the Costalegre coast back in the 50s, hoping to create a Mexican version of Portofino.  There's even a polo field nearby.

It's nothing like as developed as Portofino (one of my favourite places in the world - do you have any idea how much I miss Italy?) is now, but apparently Careyes is quite the celeb hangout around Christmas.

In May though it's almost too quiet and sleepy - we had fun escaping to the funky little town of Barra de Navidad which was very Mexican and reminded us a bit of cute Southern European resorts such as Kas in Turkey and Nafplio in Greece - that is, until Heidi Klum turned up.


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This is too amazing for words. I now dream to go there.

i would never leave. i just wouldn't.

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