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24 May 2008

I. just. can. not. wait

I know we've recently been very rude about US Vogue, but this month's issue features one of the most gorgeous photoshoots I've ever seen in honour of the upcoming release of Sex and the City - The Movie. (All photos by Annie Liebowitz for US Vogue from










Even though the cover is still pretty crap.

The gorgeous boys at Project Rungay (one of the all time great blogs) have done some great detective work tracking down the catwalk origins of most of the frocks. (They are so going to LOVE my Heidi Klum holiday goss).

I have just two questions.  Why don't we see epic dresses like these on the red carpet (including SJP to her own premieres) instead of all the boring fishtails we saw at the Oscars this year? (The green Nina Ricci is what I will wear when I win my Oscar and have extensive liposuction). And could Mr Big, whom I've always loved as a character, but who has never done it for me as a lustbunny, look any hotter?

Also check out this vid, via Perez Hilton, which conclusively proves that this is one of the biggest ever product placement opportunities for women (I've heard the movie called the 'Superbowl for women' in terms of its advertising potential).  I just love how all the accessories are just piled up as if they were in the rummage bin at Primark.

The hot mamas of Seattle have booked out the evening of June 3rd to see the movie and drink too many cosmopolitans. Back with an actual film review then.  (The only thing I don't like is the fugly ass decor in that hotel bedroom).


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seriously, with all those amazing pictures - why did they choose THAT one for the cover??

Gotta love a real man who can look that damn sexy whilst wearing a waistcoat. Hot hot hot. Utterly in agreement. (Could the fact that the wedding is now less than 6 months away account for my fancying anything with a pulse at the moment????)

Hi P, catching up again.. so much to see and i even read a litte, mexico - ooh, lucky lady, i've always wanted to go (there was a family holiday there in '83 but since i had to have an eye operation they went without me instead of waiting till later in summer - boo hoo).

bit of a formatting problem meant i couldn't see all the text but looks like you say the mink is going to circus school as well as the fabulous french school. you are exactly the mother i always wanted, and the mother i always hoped i'd become. she's going to keep growing into an amazing, interesting little girl and then woman. i really do think you do great by her. i see so many people who don't enjoy their children, don't care about them or just don't even notice them. i love that you are the opposite.

The combination of Annie Liebowitz, Sarah Jessica Parker, New York and those incredible clothes is unbeatable. Also, Mr. Big is looking rather well. Each photo is dense with visual and story-telling pleasure. You are absolutely right about the cover, it has none of the magic; in fact it looks just like every other cover.

I know it's only a movie, but those two look like they have so much fun together.

"fugly" is overused.

You are SO right :)

Great pics. But am I - and I ask this is a genuine spirit of enquiry, rather than the usual role of devil's advocate - the only female who disliked SATC, found its leading quartet profoundly unlikable and its story lines unbearably repetitive? And don't get me started on the credits sequence and that hugely irritating theme tune.

But lovely pics.


As far as I can tell from all the hysteria surrounding the opening here, the parties and girls' nights outs being planned etc. I think you are :)

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