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02 June 2008

Evidence that movie moguls don't read blogs...

So SATC  - The Movie generated opening weekend receipts of $55.7 million in the US alone and a further $39.2 million overseas, which has apparently shocked movie execs everywhere, who were predicting an opening more in line with The Devil Wears Prada''s $27 million.


Well, colour me surprised.  OF COURSE it was going to do well. Anyone who even reads blogs just a little bit would have hooked into the palpable anticipation surrounding the film and noticed just how many people were planning to go and see it.

If you read the news articles today it seems that finally all the male (of course!) moguls are acknowledging that maybe there is a market for films for grown-up women which deal, even obliquely, with grown-up issues and which are genuinely witty and funny; instead of the usual dreadful slapstick Cinderella remake starring J-Lo or Kate Hudson.  Or heaven forbid all the CGI-ed superhero claptrap aimed at teenage boys.

Which has to be a good, if somewhat belated, news to start the week.


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Mmm.. I can't wait to see it! I have to finish season 6 first though..

I'm more shocked that Hitch had a big opening! People went to see HITCH?!

Er, I saw Hitch. I liked Hitch. On DVD admittedly.

I've been watching this series since the first edition, yet all I prefer it the newest movie, it was so realistic! However, basic cable outlets at local stations excise certain explicit show content that was broadcast in the original version. 23jj

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