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04 June 2008

Sex and the City - The Movie

Things I Learned Last Night (Only Very Tiny Spoilers)

The movie is like watching five previously undiscovered back-to-back episodes with a much bigger budget.  No more.  No less.  Which is my idea of bliss.  I note the reviewers who thought the movie was too long are mostly male.

- The plot is so creaky it should be in an old people's home.  I have no idea how they're going to rehash things again to make a sequel.  This doesn't actually matter.

- Judging by the packed-out cinema and queue for tickets (in fabulous monsoon-like conditions - how I love Seattle in June), there will definitely be a sequel

- As we suspected from the photos which have been all over the Internet, green feathers and bright red lipstick (especially lipstick which is feathering round the edges - too much smoking Carrie!) does not work


- The blue Manolos in the lead role are totally upstaged by these fabulous Dior Extreme Gladiator Platforms, which I would buy tomorrow if they a) didn't cost $770 b) wouldn't cripple me in about 5 secs c) wouldn't give me appalling cankles.

- J Hud is woefully underused

- As is Stanford.  More Stanford please!

- Charlotte is fabulous when she's angry

- The movie included a completely gratuitous trip to Mexico which suited me just fine

- I still think Miranda could do better than Steve

- However, Miranda and Steve made me cry

- As did Charlotte

- Carrie didn't

- The interiors throughout the movie are fabbalicious.  I may have to see the movie again to focus on them more closely :)

- Carrie's iconic apartment gets a makeover. I'm not sure about it, but it deserves a post all of its own

- Samantha is a fool

- Cynthia Nixon is looking stunning

- Smash in Wallingford was a surprisingly great place for a pre-match cosmopolitan

- For all the critics bitching and moaning about the lack of reality in the film, this is PORN, girl porn, pure unadulterated fashion, accessories and interiors porn (and some lingering shots of hot Italian male totty which were not exactly unpleasant). And since when have porn films been realistic? 


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So I felt like I may have been the only one who almost laughed when Charlotte gave Mr. Big her meanest look and screamed - NO. Amazing and cute at the same time. I love her!

You should have come to my cinema - there was a cheer and round of applause after Charlotte's outburst. The film was fantastic nonsense which is just what I needed and though I agree with all of the above (as per, gorgeous Paola) I must say that you left out the two most important aspects...
There is a designer wedding dress montage which left me palpitating
A bizarre number of the girls have wrinkly lips - is that from smoking, pursing and pouting at cameras, or wierd and wonderful makeup and dental routines?

I'm in love with oversized 60s-esque coats now.

I have heard that it plays like the world's longest commercial, and that the lead four have lost so much weight that they look wrinkly and emaciated.

But then I am biased against....


Yup, the wedding dress porn sequence had me salivating and considering divorce just so I could get married again. She got the wrong dress though.

Ditto also to the wrinkly lips observation. Hadn't the make up artist heard of lip liner?

Lissie, I think you should give it a miss for the sake of your nerves. Lead four to me looked just as emaciated as ever, though admittedly a super-sized screen does nothing for the wrinkles. But then it was a welcome and refreshing change to see female wrinkles on screen at all.

I saw it yesterday and loved it. I actually liked Carrie's made over apartment, but I think it might have been that shade of blue I liked?

And Charlotte what a relevation, *loved* when she protected Carrie at the wedding and cheered when she had a go at Big in the end.

Oh and I actually cried when Carrie got her wedding dress from Vivienne Westwood...repeat to self over and over 'it's just a dress' :)

Love your blogg!!

Love the shoes that she wears I think I will buy one for myself when I get my month's salary.

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