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07 June 2008

The Two Pots

I've been trying to do an update on the garden for ages, but have been somewhat hampered by it a) having turned into an Amazonian rainforest while we were in Mexico and b) having been cloudy and rainy and thoroughly miserable for the last two weeks. 

We'd actually made a lot of progress tidying everything, planting some new plants and hacking down the mountain of weeds which had sprung up while we were away but I just haven't been able to photograph it as I don't much enjoy standing outside in MONSOON-like conditions. (The recent horrendous weather is all our fault for pressure-washing the deck obviously).


Anyway, here's a small garden tidbit.  I planted up a pair of Bill and Ben flowerpots a couple of weeks ago which have been relishing the thorough watering they've been receiving.

I tried to keep both of the them to a similar 'theme' but using different plants.

The central plant in the pot above is a heuchera 'Obsidian' which I think is one of the nicest plants out there.  It's a perennial, so I'll try and keep it alive in the middle of the pot and plant different seasonal plants around. 

Round the edges are several hot pink trailing verbenas (verbena magalena ultra Strawberries 'n Cream) and nestling in between the leaves are a dark purple leaved begonia 'Harmony Pink' , a sutera Copia Dark Pink (confusingly the pale pink plant to the left) and a diascia 'Flying Colors' Red. The orange you can glimpse behind is a California poppy which has sprung up in the herb garden.


The central plant in this pot is a daphne Carol Mackie which I again hope not to kill and she is surrounded by some more begonias, diascias and suteras with a very beautiful dark-leaved clover Dark Dancer mixed in.

Here are the two pots at home with the three chairs


I'm sort of wondering whether these flowers are too 'pretty, pretty' and old-fashioned. I always think I'm going to get things which are a bit more edgy and structural, but then I end up being seduced by all that is pink and girly. Maybe next year...


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I think the pots are lovely. I don't know that I'd call them girly so much as fluffy...

Actually 'fluffy' is a very good word. I've realised that I often go for 'fluffy' plants, though they very quickly turn into 'messy'.

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