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07 July 2008

Chocolate lily



Isn't this just the most gorgeous creature?

This is apparently an Asatic Hybrid Lily 'Dimensions' that I planted in my garden this spring and promptly forgot about.

Part of me feels like I need to rein in my predilection for very dark flowers soon before the garden looks like something out of the Addams Family.  The other part of me wants to gather up great bunches of these and put them in every room in the house.  (I should have bought more than three bulbs).

Those of you in the US who share my delight in dark flowers should visit the Chocolate Flower Farm which is based on one of the local islands and specialises, amazingly enough, in chocolate-coloured flowers and vegetables.

While you're here, here's a completely gratuitous picture of a bee on the lavender.



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Quite delicious. I love dark flowers also, especially in a big bunch with something really light and silvery to contrast, like lambs ear.

My favorite late summer combination is chocolate cosmos with any dark, intense red dahlia. Its great to see that you have bees this year. The two that I have seen at my house were clearly ill. Usually the flowers are vibrating with their activity. Sigh.

That's sad about the bees... our lavender is humming with them at the moment...

I'm not very fond of lamb's ear - something about its squashiness I think, but I hear you on the chocolate and light combo... the chocolate lilies are planted in amongst the oak-leaved hydrangea and they look lovely together.

I've planted a couple of dahlias this year, but I can't exactly remember where - I don't think they're near the chocolate cosmos which is also just starting to come out also...

Wow! These dark flowers are all new to me and I love them! Took a peek at the farm you mentioned and was amazed too many times to count. I particularly liked a black Hollyhock..gorgeous. Thanks for turning me on to something new.

Those black hollyhocks are fabulous looking. I was thinking I might put some in the front yard since the current garden is starting to look a bit like a funeral parlour...

that lily is stunning!

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