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06 August 2008

Daily Candy Sold




CropperCapture[5] CropperCapture[4]

Right at the top of the list of 'brilliant business ideas I wish I'd thought of' is Daily Candy which has apparently just been sold for $125 million.  Not bad for a company that employs just 55 people and relies principally on the archaic delivery method of email. 

A brilliantly simple idea, brilliantly executed, and whoever decided to have the emails illustrated by the fabulous Sujean Rim deserves genius points. I do hope Sujean is getting a big cut of that $125 million.

One of my dearest ambitions for 'mirrormirror' is to get it into Daily Candy.  Which probably means I need to pull my finger out and focus more on developing it as I have been sorely neglecting my baby of late.



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I heard about this. But had no idea they're only 55 people...How lucky are they?!

Comcast was smart to buy them, and since they own the Style network, it will be interesting to see if they start adding some sort of "Daily Candy" to their programming. It would be cool to see Sujean Rim's drawings animated. I love her art - she makes me wish I could draw.

Amazing! It takes a great deal of hard work to get to the point where somemone is willing to pay that sort of money.

My goodness that is amazing news. So I'm assuming that's how I can get my hands on my dream loft?

YESSSS... don't we ALL wish we had invented "daily Candy" and I'm with you... I have been sending them tidbits about my site and art work for awhile now... still no go... sigh... hopefully some day! Good luck to you too! Enjoy your weekend! Fifi

Hello: where have you gone? I miss your postings. It was as if Daily Candy sold, and you got sold too. Please come back. I hope everything is OK. Best, CR

I miss you too! I am still checking daily to see if you've returned. You are on my daily "must read" list. Your candidness and your love for life continue to be an inspiration (really). And you are a wonderful mother, that is evident, even when you don't "feel like it". Be encouraged and be blessed today and always. Warm regards.

Another one checking daily to see if you're back. Missing you - please come back soon.

Me too. Hoping you are well.

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