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05 August 2008

Separated At Birth

I was amused to note from the recent Elle Deco feature that Englishman Simon Doonan, who is the Creative Director of Barneys New York and Jonathan Adler's partner (and therefore, we must suppose, an International Design Guru of Some Standing) exhibits a very similar taste in clothes to the Minx.

IMG_6928 image0

Creative Director Barneys New York                                                   My daughter


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I predict great things for that little one! :)

Her legs are much cuter!

Re. the legs. Doesn't that count as damning with faint praise? (You can tell Simon Doonan is English by the legs alone...)

this is too funny!

She wears it better than he does.

I didn't notice the legs until you mentioned it....the Minx definately has Simon beat with this look. Her dog is bigger too.

Haha! Looks ridiculous on Simon, chic on your daughter.

Love it!

HA HA - Viva La Minx!


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