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05 August 2008

Those Summer Nights


Come  twilight, on a crisp clear day full of sunshine such as today, I love sitting on the roofdeck and watching the setting sun bounce off the downtown buildings while the lights come on in the streets below.

An hour or so later, the whole scene looks like this.


Just playing with the 'bulb' setting on my camera.


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You are so, so lucky! I'm floored by this view. And you'd have to forcibly remove my husband if he ever set foot on your roofdeck!

oh man, you are making me homesick. and i've never even lived in seattle!

That's some view. I wouldn't mind looking at that every day. Please adopt me.

Liz, can I swap you for a three year old who wakes up at 6.30 EVERY morning?

The view IS the reason we bought the house... (not the yukky green and orange kitchen)

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