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17 September 2008


Although the temperature is set to rise to the high 70s today, my mind is starting to turn to snuggly things, in particular these gorgeous knitted pieces in 100% merino wool from Italian online store Sartoria Vico (found via Not Martha). 


They have created a range of simple but interesting and often multifunctional knitted pieces, each available in a range of colours. I love the way the website is a arranged, with clear photos and simple illustrations.



Incidentally 'cappuccio' - pronounced 'ka-pu-cho - simply means hood and 'sciarpone' - pronounced 'sharponay' - means big scarf. I'm wondering whether these will be knitty overkill with last year's knitted Uggs which had to be surgically removed from my feet come the end of winter.


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I am so with you - I love the lingering sun, but am dreaming of cozy, snuggly things right now too. I saw the Scarpone at Eurostyle your Life in Fremont. Super cute and soft. I'm heading back to try one on soon, for sure.

Very clever but I could do with these now and what does the 70s feel like I forget. You have missed nothing over here I can tell you - a perpetual winter has been the weather pattern :(

I love, LOVE the Sciarpone...but I'm afraid to go look at the price. I want it!

Put it this way, it doesn't help that the dollar is so weak. Though I don't think the price is outrageous...(but that's mainly because I still convert everything to pounds in my head).

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