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15 October 2008

La Tour Trellick

We're going to be back in the UK for Christmas.  The day itself will be spent with friends in Bath, we'll be visiting family and friends in and around London and then hopefully back to Notting Hill for a few days (though sadly not to the flat - we still have it, but it's rented out at the moment).

You know how there are places in the world that just suit your personality? Well Notting Hill is one of my places.  We lived there for twelve years before coming to Seattle and I still miss it horribly.

022If the Eiffel Tower is the enduring symbol of Paris, then the Trellick Tower, which looms over the north end of the Portobello Road market is the enduring symbol of Notting Hill.

It's not a pretty building.  Built at the tail-end of the sixties, this Brutalist tower block by Erno Goldfinger (such a great name) soon became a byword for the sort of social problems that plagued tower blocks (and Notting Hill) at the time. But as the tower has cleaned up its act and Notting Hill has become gentrified, it has become a London icon and flats in the tower now command a huge premium, with top-floor flats, which have some of the best views in London, being almost impossible to come by. (I found this photo of the tower in my files - I've never been able to take very good pictures of it though).

It's also become a sort of ironic design icon.  Here it is on ceramics and teatowels from People Will Always Need Plates.  I'm going to put a couple of plates on my Christmas list. 





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On my last trip to London I didn't have time to visit Notting Hill though I do LOVE it. I can totally understand how much you miss it.

Lucky your going to Bath for the holidays! I've always wanted to go there,and now this coming summer we may just do that. We will be going to France to visit family and friends then we will go to England for a visit. I can't wait to go to Bath the most.

Elizabeth, you will LOVE Bath. Make sure you also get out into the countryside - it's glorious round there.

I'm ashamed to admit that, despite living in England all my life, I've never been to Bath. (I'm a bit more au fait with London, though!) Love those plates - I think that design, or something similar, is on a skirt kit I bought recently from Clothkits.

Liz. Go to Bath tomorrow. It will bring out your inner Jane Austen.

I was going to blog about the Clothkits skirts this week! In fact I think I saw them on your blog...

Not only are you VERY fortunate in being able to visit Bath, but in having attentive friends who can take a Christmas present hint when they see one...

Actually it was mostly aimed at the Husband. Maybe you should liaise?

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