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22 October 2008



Look, look, look!!!!!

mirrormirror is on the home page of with a very wonderful little write up inside and the Creative Interiors Colouring Book prominently featured.

Just colour me tickled pink.


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Cool! Hooray for you, Paola!

Oh thats so great. Living Etc is my favorite magazine. Although by the time it gets to Barnes and Noble in LA, its about 4 weeks behind.

Great! lets hope it brings stacks of orders. Remember I bought one for my daughter last Christmas - she LOVED it.

That rules! I love Living etc.!

Girl, get your Tivo straight and come talk about top design with us. I need some paola barbs to make me laugh! even if you didn't watch it, the final rooms pictures are on the post!


Well done Paola - that's fantastic - hope it's bringing you lots of orders (things are a little quiet here, when is Christmas going to start, gulp??). And I also spotted you guys in December's Easy Living - we're there too - hooray. Hope all's good with you. Zx

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