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22 October 2008

The Sincerest Form of Flattery - Part II

Well, we are already well aware that Pottery Barn is not averse to a bit of plagiarism, but this time they've really gone too far and plagiarised ME.  And believe me, it hurts.

Remember the three chairs we painted back in April?


Well here are the Pottery Barn versions.


Any lawyers out there who fancy assisting me in my multi-billion dollar lawsuit?


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But we know where we saw it first. (Thinks: Why doesn't anyone plagiarise me?)

Oh dear!!

I know.... It's having your design ideas turned into TOYS that hurts the most :)

It's supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery :)

its the biggest form of flattery!!!just take it as a compliment, its pottery barn :)

How dare they!!!!

it's pretty funny, and cool.

It's pretty hilarious isn't it? :) Of course, I don't think they really copied me, it's just that those colours have been in the ether recently. But I did do a double take when I saw them...

I almost fell off my yellow painted adirondack chair when I saw this. don't you set your lawyers on me now....

Zaara, good job you didn't leave your email address...

Happens ALL the time. I won't mention the company's name... but I sent some samples of my paintings to this company... they sent them back and said they were great, but they weren't for their company and we have our own in-house artist... YES, they do have in-house artists who just happen to do work JUST like mine. I learned my lesson the HARD way.
Welllll... your chairs are GREAT!

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