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28 October 2008

United Colours of Vancouver


I really, really, REALLY 'heart' Vancouver.  We last visited about thirteen years ago, and can't quite believe it's taken us this long to go back.  And yes, the weather really was something else.

More piccies here and here. There is something indefinably and wonderfully European about Vancouver which we couldn't quite put our finger on. Something to do with the width of the streets, the number of pedestrians and the lack of a dirty great freeway carving through the centre of the city.  We can also highly recommend the Agro Cafe' on Granville Island and Raincity Grill for one of the best meals I've had in North America.


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wow. yet another set of stunning pictures Paola

SUCH a lovely collection of photos! Dreamy! And I am with you on it! The partner, on the other hand, not such a fan...?!?!? So I'm just going to be a bad American and invite myself along with you for the next trip! ;)

simply lovely!!!

I LOVE Vancouver so much, it has just the right mix of European and US for me. We were there in July and it's just such a great place to take kids. Thanks for sharing your pictures they made me smile

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