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18 November 2008


Oh, Muji, Muji, Muji how I love and miss you! 

Oh Muji, Muji, Muji how I hate that when I try shopping at your online store you say it will cost me £19.99 (approx $30) to have your nicely made, affordable stuff shipped to the US.  When on earth are you going to open a US online store? Thank goodness I have accommodating in-laws.

Here are some of my favourite Muji things.

4934761520766_l 4945247373547_l

5055198258189_l  5055198258288_l

5055198258516_l 5055198258455_l

cookie cutter  5055198258882_l

All available here if you're in Europe or you're prepared to pay the shipping. Lottie writes a beautiful eulogy to Muji here. Here's a description with photos of Muji's new flagship store in Tokyo.


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I bought the christmas tree the other day. I love it and I just love Muji.

i could happily live in a muji shop.
if your in-laws get shopped out just let me know and i'll happily post you things!

The first time I went to Muji was in London in 1996... I bought so many things I had to buy a new duffle bag to bring it all back to Santa Barbara, CA. I would love to have an online USA store.

LOVE muji!!!lucky you to still have your in-laws to accomodate you :)

Hon, I remember blogging that was carrying Muji a few years ago. They did open a store in NYC recently as well, so it must be coming soon.

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