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10 January 2009

Picasa for Mac

Christmas 20081


The Husband only offers tech support for PCs so there's no way I could ever get a Mac, however much I might crave the ethereal beauty of their designs.

And I have been able to keep my jealousy under control because, to date, only PC users have been able to use Picasa - Google's utterly, fantastically, amazing and FREE photo editing software, which I use for pretty much all my photo post-production and to make clever collages like the one above.

Now though, not only do all you Mac users get to taunt me with the slimness and whiteness of your laptops, but you can also sign up for the Picasa for Mac beta.  I hate you all.


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amazing! I just switched to a mac this week, and picasa was literally the only thing I missed. so excited, thanks!

Don't worry, if you get a mac, you won't need tech support ;)

Can you tell the Husband this PLEASE? He is Head of Tech Procurement in the 'mirrormirror' household...

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