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25 February 2009

Adventures in Knitting

I've recently, and very belatedly, signed up to the very fabulous knitting site Ravelry, which is not only an incredibly useful resource, it is also very inspirational. As a result I've been knitting up a storm in recent weeks, though I'm sure this will soon pass, cursed as I am with butterfly-mindedness.

But in the spirit of making knitting while the sun shines here's what I've been working on recently.

Firstly, the socks from hell continue to drive me nuts, though I've managed to get as far as the heel on the second sock, so I should be finished soon. The pattern is not difficult but it is complicated, and so not compatible with watching telly, which is when I usually knit.  I blame Jon Stewart entirely.

I also accidentally started knitting some socks for the Minx. I took her to the playground last week, forgot to take my existing sock knitting and so had to pop into the local yarn shop so that I didn't explode with boredom. I've been promising to make the Minx a pair of socks for a long time and she has become sweetly fascinated by the process.  I wonder if you can guess who chose the (very fluffy and splitty) yarn? 


Finally I've been sorting through all the knitting stuff I brought over from the UK and am thinking about reviving the blanket I started knitting for the Minx before she was born.  I was astonished to find that I'd actually completed eleven out of sixteen interminable squares, knit entirely in tiny stocking stitch and I really feel like I ought to continue it. Unfortunately I'm not so sure I like the colour very much any more (why on earth did I choose BEIGE?) but I will persevere, despite it being desperately boring to knit. It's probably the project I should turn to when I'm ogling Jon Stewart.


I am determined to have only three 'Works In Progress' on the go at any one time.  So please yell if I show you something else before I've finished any of these. 

All details of yarn etc. are in my Ravelry notebook.  My user name is 'mirrormirror'. Please come and find me on there.


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this is lovely! glad you linked to it!

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