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17 February 2009

Be My Valentine

These are the Valentines that were exchanged in the 'mirrormirror' household this weekend. I wonder if you can guess who got what.


A Jean Pelle candlestick.  Sometimes dropping hints via your blog actually works. My vintage lucite owl likes it too.


The beautifully packaged Chocolate Pie Chart from Mary and Matt, perfect for the geek in your life.


A tee-shirt featuring parachuting Bambis from Etsy shop Circles and Squares. This is NOT the Husband.


 A heart-shaped Hello Kitty pendant necklace with matching bracelet (I have no idea what has become of the bracelet though)


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I want that owl most of all.

Hands OFF... :)

Lovely gifts all round (I think I've worked out who was given what!). That chocolate pie chart looks seriously, well, chocolatey. Any pieces going spare?

I am coveting the candlestick. Kudos to The Husband...when MINE reads my blog it only results in grammar corrections.

Oh, believe me I get plenty of those as well...

May I have the owl, please?

Will you all get your sticky paws OFF my owl?

Nice post ;)

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