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25 February 2009

Fabulous Lampshades - Insatiable Studios

The wonderful lampshades in the house featured below are handmade by Seattle-based designer Jill Smith, owner of Insatiable Studios.

insatiable lamps

The shades are all meticulously crafted using a papier-mâché process and then decorated with found papers. Her lampshades are available to buy online and her work also adorns several commercial spaces, such as PCC and the Dahlia Lounge here in Seattle and Nordstroms in Chicago.

CIMG_191620(1)_jpg FIMG_157420(3)_jpg




Two of my favourite places to go - the Dahlia Lounge and PCC 

I really want one for the lucite lamp base I found on Ebay last year which is currently adorned by a VERY dull Ikea lampshade.  It's going to have to wait a bit though as I've just had a nasty bill for camera repairs.


This is NOT a fabulous lampshade


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I have been searching for a pendant lamp with a cool shade for my dining room. There are so many choices that now I am having a hard time deciding!

Just when I think I've broken my ebay addiction, you go trotting out this lucite lamp base. Hmph.

Okay, I signed up this time, lets see if it works.
I love those lamps. They make my head spin with possibilities

Ebay...addiction? Who has ebay addictions, Gypsy? That seems like the most bizarre addiction I've ever heard offense meant, lol!

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