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03 February 2009

Further Adventures in Felt - the wonderful Wonder Washer

My new toy arrived at the weekend and I got busy felting my little bowls.

And it's fab. I threw my knitted bowls in (sorry, forgot to take before pics) added some hot water from the tap and a tiny bit of Woolite and then turned on my electric bucket. About fifteen minutes later (twenty for the larger bowl) this is what came out.


The felt is thicker and hairier than the hand felted bowl and they're a more straight-sided in shape for some reason but I can't believe how quick and easy it all was.  The Wonder Washer gives you precise control over the amount of water you use, the temperature of the water (I topped up from the kettle for the larger bowl); and the amount of time (you can check as often as you want). When they're done all you need to do is rinse and leave to dry.  And all the fibres and lint stay in the bucket, and won't clog up your washing machine.

And for those of you who don't have a basement full of junk in which to store it, the base unit fits neatly inside the bucket, so it doesn't even take up much space.


{my new BFF} 

I am so enamoured that I even put it on the 'gentle' setting and did all the handwashing that has been languishing at the bottom of the laundry basket for months. My next adventure in felt will, I think,  be the Aran sweater.


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Just to be clear...

if you get any more darn talented and charming I am going to revoke your British accent!

Just to keep the universe in balance. Consider yourself warned! ;)


I've been called many, MANY things in this life, but charming....NEVER :)

Sie haben eine schöne Seite!

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