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28 February 2009

Keyboards of Desire


I want one of these so badly it hurts (though probably not as much as my hands would hurt using one, as I can currently only use a very ugly ergonomic keyboard). I never knew before that there was a hole in my life only a decorative keyboard could fill.

NISHIKI Handmade Keyboard

NISHIKI Handmade Keyboard

NISHIKI Handmade Keyboard

USAGI Handmade Keyboard

USAGI Handmade Keyboard

Handmade and available here and here for about $165 or £115.

{via If It's Hip It's Here}


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Me too. I want one (but obviously, I'll have to wait: no money, no keyboard).

why didn't anyone think of this before?

I was wondering that too...and I feel like such a sucker because I didn't know until yesterday that such things existed and now I really, really NEED one.

Unfortunately we have other things to spend our money (money, what's that?) on at the moment than fancy keyboards that I can't even use.

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