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18 February 2009

Go Love Your Room - The Airstream Dream

I've always wanted to have an office in the garden and in my dreams that office is a vintage Airstream.  This month's Readymade featured a young couple in Minneapolis who are living my dream with an Airstream they bought for $4,500. I wouldn't mind the rest of the house either (with maybe a bit more colour and pattern in the main rooms).

What special things would you have in your dream house?  Mine would also have a a turret with a completely circular room.  And be in Provence not Minneapolis.









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There's an 18th-century stone octagonal summerhouse in the grounds of some stately home I visited near Salisbury (not sure where, I was part of a rather drunken outing). Had a proper stone fireplace and everything. I KNOW I could write a novel if I had that summerhouse.

Have also always wanted an Airstream, but looks rather tame in a backyard. Needs to be by the sea or in some really dramatic mountain scenery...

ditto on the airstream... and that house is so very lovely. i love the table and the simplicity of the colour scheme.

The house is great, and mostly furnished with great Ikea hacks which makes it all the better...

My dream house would be a Spanish Colonial Revival built from 1915-1920 or so, of the type I grew up near (but not in) in Montecito, CA. Jasmine, eucalyptus, and palm trees would definitely be involved.

I LOVE! Airstreams, always have.

You've got to admit, that's one unique house. I would love to have an Airstream on my lawn, or better yet, a fuselage of a Boeing 747. That would make a heck of an office, haha.

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