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09 March 2009

Adventures in Crochet

Holly at Decor8 has been writing a fabulous series about unleashing your creativity, which has made me decide that this is the year I learn to crochet.

I have a couple of super scary projects I'm contemplating (to be discussed when they've percolated a bit more) but have told myself that I can't buy the yarn for anything big until I've finished the incredibly tedious blanket of doom. In the meantime I'm attempting a few simple projects, so I can see what this crocheting lark is all about and whether it really is for me.


My first project was a cover for the orchid the Minx gave me for Valentines Day.  I adapted Erika Knight's bottle covers from Simple Crochet and used some string I found in our useful drawer and a length of fine chartreuse ribbon I found at the bottom of my knitting bag which I must have bought for some project I can no longer remember.


It wasn't difficult, though string and ribbon are not the most forgiving of media, and has encouraged me to persevere, though the Husband did take one look at the finished article and said, "Isn't that all a bit macrame'?" and I couldn't really disagree. 

Here's some crochet that actually looks good. Found via the Style Files and available here if you can read Dutch, these are all crocheted in polyester so are good for outdoors.  I'd love some for the deck.



More details in my Ravelry notebook.  Come and find me there.



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Your orchid cozy is BEAUTIFUL! The colors look great. This was your first crochet project? It looks professional. To be honest, I had to reread your post to because at first I thought it was store bought. Great job! d(^_-)b

Have a great Monday!

Crocheted pot does not go with curtains. Suggest you take latter down immediately.

Sarah - thanks for the encouragement :) (All the mistakes are hidden round the other side).

L no, you CANNOT have my curtains...

I want to crochet too. This is so cute.

Thanks all for being so reassuring. I was thinking it looked alarming homespun but maybe it's nicer than I thought.

D, one of the projects I have in mind is VERY similar to that Erika Knight one :)

i think it's great! love the outdoor gear, too. *sigh* i myself am such a beginner...

What a lovely home for an orchid.

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