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16 March 2009

More Adventures in Knitting

IMG_0028 Just another quick update before this turns into a knitting blog. Since I have no other projects which are remotely close to completion I promise no more knitting for some time.

The pain-in-the-ass socks are finished.  And I don't even like them very much.  They're very baggy and saggy - a combination of knitting a size too big (the pattern didn't have instructions for Small Adult); very soft cashmere/silk yarn and a pattern with no real ribbing to it.  But they're nice enough for wandering round the house and GORGEOUS in bed.



Apologies for the extremely crap pictures. These were the last pics taken with the point and shoot. I've got my old camera back now - it's unrepaired because the repair would have cost too much, we've decided to go for a camera upgrade instead! Though this will have to wait due to this month's surprise $2,000 car repair bill.



The yarn barf is turning into this - a scarf knitted from silk and seaweed. I'm enjoying this as the pattern is piss easy and it knits up quickly as it's mostly made of holes. The yarn itself is utterly gorgeous, has beautiful drape and sheen and the colour is amazing, imagine silk dipped in blue-black ink.  It does seem ridiculous to be knitting this though, when it was snowing at the weekend and the sky is leaden grey.

We did manage a brief afternoon of sunshine yesterday though so I rushed out to take photos.




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LOVE the scarf!

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