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18 March 2009

Sabotage - or You Just Died and Went to Cupcake Heaven

I'm back doing Weightwatchers  and getting back on the Wii Fit again as, due to extreme laziness, I haven't lost any weight since I posted this

This has of course led to every blog I read to enter into a conspiracy to see who can post up the most enticing/intriguing pictures of cupcakes they can find. 

So, in a spirit of 'if you can't beat'em, join 'em' and with apologies in advance for sabotaging your diets here they are.

First up gorgeous things from Aussie Hello Naomi {via Whorange}


CropperCapture[2]  CropperCapture[3]


Then cupcakes that look like burgers, so you can beat two junk food cravings at once (from here {via Twig and Thistle}


Chocolate Guinness cupcakes with Bailey's buttercream (I am SO stealing that idea) to celebrate St Patrick's Day from Trophy Cupcakes (available through March 31st for all Seattleites).


Finally this has been around the blogsphere a bit but I am DETERMINED to make him some day {via Violet Posy}.



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OMG! I love cupcakes. They are my favorite thing in the whole wide world. They make everything better. If only they caused me to LOSE weight instead of the reverse. So, needless to say, I'm off the cuppies for a long while too. OOOOH! I just had a great idea... A cupcake patch. YES

Btw... i NEED to make those cookie monster ones. I have some little one bday's coming up. Although I just realized, the cookie monster part will be lost on them i'm sure but the parents will certainly appreciate!!


p.s. I will totally do more cardio if I can get my hands on some of Uncle Beefy's creations though. I put my name in the hat to be an official taste tester :)

But with all the juice and yoga you must already be the size of a tiny bird, no? I too will do more hula hooping if that job's going begging...

Oh and how old is the little one? I ask because our tame little one knew about the Cookie Monster from a VERY early age...

hmmm, tiny bird not so much... more like a chicken... big boobs, JLo arse and teeny ankles...ha. The juice and yoga are to make up for the wine, starbucks and cupcakes ;)

This year i've got neices and nephews turning 2 and 5. I don't recall my friends ever saying their kids watch Sesame Street. I grew up on it of course but kids nowadays aren't as familiar as they are with Dora, SpongeBob, etc I don't think. If I have kids one day, it's going to be Sesame Street all the way.

Those chocolate Guinness Bailey's cupcakes are making me kick myself that my husband and I changed our plans for our weekend getaway from staying in Seattle to visiting friends in Boise. I can't believe you've got 'em in a shop in town. I was wanting to make this version, but it seemed like so much work...

Best of luck on your get healthy efforts! I've been working on it since January myself and have reached the decidedly disenchanted with the whole business stage.

And here's to Sesame Street. Spared me the trouble of teaching my kids their letters myself.

oh my, those hamburger cupcakes are a big ole yes.

Now those look super good! I hate the way my Wii Fit tells me that I've not been on it for like 50 days and then makes my Mii fatter - bloody thing!

the hamburger and cookie monster are so creative!! The others gorgeous...

Carrie, the Minx LOVES Sesame Street. Here's what I made for her 3rd birthday party

Emily, LOVE

Gypsy, you've got until 31st March to reschedule a trip to Seattle

Liz, my Wii is evil like that too. Mind you, I think my Mii would look very funny being skinny..

They all look*nearly* too yummy to eat! Best of luck to you with WW ~ I joined in Feb 07 and lost 35 pounds and have thus far kept it off since Nov 07 (I still go to weekly meetings as a Lifetime member)....but it is a daily struggle ~ especially when people are posting cupcakes!!!

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