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25 March 2009

The Pompoms from the Black Lagoon - Another Adventure in Felt


507-1_mediumI don't know quite how I got to this page on Ravelry but when I saw this pattern for peculiar Easter tree decorations, I knew I had to give them a try.










I used a yarn called DROPS Eskimo which is a super bulky (super chunky) 100% wool yarn from Norway and simply wound the yarn round mine and the Minx's hands to create not very prepossessing bundles of yarn, tied in the middle with cotton thread. 


Six minutes each in the Wonderful Wonder Washer transformed them into furry alien pompom creatures.

Here they are drying out and basking in the sunshine.


The Husband thinks they look like these


I, on the other hand, am trying to decide whether they're really really cool, or really, really naff.

I'm tending towards the former, but can see that from a certain perspective they might look like very chewed and disgusting dog toys.

Are these cool or crap?


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Love the pompoms but what I really want is a sweater out of that beautiful yarn!

Is there a "Paola, if you really need a crap excuse not to get on the Wi-Fit you could always help with some of my subbing?" option?

Love that Kirk pix. My man doesn't do pom poms either. what a waste!

I voted cool, I love them

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