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12 March 2009

Yarn Barf

This is what I am working on today.


Why oh why do people insist on selling me yarn in skeins? I am hopeless with them. The yarn is absolutely gorgeous though.

In other news, I have finished a project.  Pics to follow when it has finished blocking.  And I have just purchased a vintage yarnwinder thingamajig on Ebay at vast expense.


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p, you know what's worse than yarn barf? yarn barf accompanied by pug barf since pug caused yarn barf. barf.

You've just completely put me off my lunch...

Could you not find a spare pair of arms/hands to assist with the winding of the yarn? I remember when I was younger, my aunts would get me to hold my arms out and plonk a skein of yarn over my outstretched hands. I'd have to make a kind of rolling action so that the yarn could be wound more easily. Or maybe that was child labour.

I don't knit, but that is indeed a gorgeously vivid colour.

Funny! I call those knit turds!

Pretty blues! My LYS winds it into a ball for me.

I did borrow the Husband's arms briefly but we were halfway through when he remembered an important previous engagement. I buy most of my yarn online - I just don't really understand why yarn isn't just sold in balls?

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