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09 April 2009


One thing I did manage to finish last  weekend were the Minx's socks.  I love how cute they make her feet look.  There's something very charming about four-year old cankles (unlike my own).



Of course temperatures went up to 70 degrees over the weekend and the beginning of the week and I thought she wouldn't actually be able to wear them before she grew out of them, but we're back now to a business-as-usual, grey, overcast, dull, rainy Seattle spring, so she might get a couple of months wear out of them.

Apologies for the lack of bloggery in recent days. I've been doing STUFF - painting a fence, building a flower bed, wrestling with a gigantic inbox and knitting some secrets.  I have no idea how people not only do stuff round the house but also manage to document it.

We're also heading for an impromptu trip to Portland over the weekend, so I'll be back in the middle of next week. Don't miss me too much. And if you have any recommendations for fabulous shops, restaurants and things to do leave them in the comments  and I will love you forever.


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i love this area of portland:

though the pearl district is pretty fun too!

have a great trip!

You are SUCH the knitter these days, Ms. Paola! Too adorable! Maybe we should do a knitting shop/refined cupcakery together? Hmmmm? ;)

Portland...well Ink & Peat is SO lovely (on Williams Ave) and Pix Patisserie is across the street with delightful macarons. Plus Williams Avenue is near Alberta & Mississippi neighborhoods which are fun. Mississippi is my favorite.

Have fun & Happy Easter! :)

I love that name of your daughter, Minx- I named mine Elizabeth but call her Lilybet, in honor of Queen Beth's nickname- or Lily, for short-

Her socks are so cute; enjoy while they still are not looking for a name brand...mine is back to liking the different and sane. But it took some years. About 20-

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