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07 May 2009



I've recently come to know Jessie Oleson of Cakespy. She is a Seattle-based artist and illustrator who does cute watercolours showing the adventures of Cuppie, an anthropomorphic cupcake, and  also writes the blog Cakespy, where Jessie hunts down various cakes and desserts.  At which point I fully understand if you've all fled there en masse and are no longer reading this post.

As part of this month's Wallingford Art Walk Jessie was exhibiting at Trophy Cupcakes showing pictures of Cuppie in various Seattle locations.  Given my borderline obsession with Trophy anyway, wild horses couldn't keep the Minx and I from attending.

I did buy a couple of little watercolours which Jessie will be sending to me. In the meantime the above is the promotional postcard for the event, which the Minx absolutely adores and which I will probably also frame for her. She particularly likes the 'Mummy and Minx buying a box of cupcakes' (yes she is fairly familiar with the appearance of a Trophy box) to the left.

If you're in Seattle, Jessie's work will be on display at Trophy through to June 1st.  She's also exhibiting at Schmancy in downtown Seattle on Friday evening.  For all non-Seattleites, her work is available online here. 


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Am not often in touch with my inner child, but can imagine a kid LOVING that pic. Pick us up a spare postcard if you have a chance, will ya... cannot get linked page to load pics, but all looks absurdly reasonably priced for original art.

Paola, it has been a pleasure getting to know you better these past few months, and I thank you for such a sweet entry on my artwork! You are the best!

I just love that little Cuppie! So cute! And I live not far from Seattle so I should mosey on up and take a look. Great post about Jessie!

Would I be alone in finding cannibalistic cupcakes slightly worrisome?

You would not be. There can be quite a dark side to Jessie's work. Another postcard of cupcakes at a crime scene left the Minx feeling somewhat bemused. She took cupcake cannibals completely in her stride though.

How cute! What a great idea for a business.

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