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03 June 2009


So here is the new baby.  She's not exactly the colour I would have liked (we saw a fab orange one which was just out of price range) but she's cute and nippy and the Minx loves her very much. We are in ongoing discussions about her name - I favour 'Myrtle' but the Minx pefers the alliteration of 'Belle' (though we should be grateful that Aurora, Ariel and Tinkerbell have not yet come up as options).


I am naturally wondering whether any embellishment is in order - or would that be unspeakably naff and cliche'd?

Options include.

Retro flowers from TonyaBug on Etsy



Daisies from the Daisy People



Fabulous and fabulously expensive offical Beetle decals from Mibo.


Daisy tail light covers


and er, 'eyelids'


and, just in case you have money to burn, daisy hubcaps

beetledaisywheel beetle_daisy_3

Just in case I have any readers left after my shameful lack of blogging in recent weeks, here is a poll.



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i don't even like VW beetles but i would definitely drive one around if it had the Mibo decals on it...and the daisy tail light covers are adorable.

oh geeze, i think i've just realized that i've been in japan too long....

I say go for it. I love me a VW. I still dream of restoring a ragtop Ghia. LURVE (learned that from you) the Mibo decals...uber fab.

OMG welcome to the beetle club! I drive a 2002 Cyber Green (aka lime green) Beetle, Named Zoe. She is the car of my dreams i plan to drive her till the wheels fall off then re-build her and keep on going. They seriously are the best car EVER!!!

I'm with the Minx - no contest. Belle Beetle against Myrtle .. er Bertle. Nah.

Mibo decals, daisy wheels and tail lights.

Higher paid job for husband.

See, simple!

Er, you have to. Didn't you know that decorating a Beetle is compulsory?

I can very much see you with the "eyelids" and daisy hubcaps! Subdued but not Seattle "safe"! ;)

I think that cheerful car bedecked with daisy decals would, on the whole, make people smile and more inclined to let you into busy lanes.

I wish I had taken a picture of this car that was always parked near my flat in London (when I still lived there). It had two seat covers that said "Minx" (plus floppy-haired girl cartoon character) and it made me think of you. So, you know, should you want to leap in to the decorating with both feet, such a thing is available in the United Kingdom.

I have a yellow bug and currently waiting for my daisy wheels and decals.. I also found a back light cover that says "VW Beetle"...

That being said, go for it!

P.S. My daughter's name is Seattle and people stare at her all of the time. :-)

Nothing cliché about accessories. Perhaps some fuzzy dice might fit the car? As for the exterior, those flower decals would be a very good look, too.

The appearance of your car is fine as it is. The gender of the driver wouldn’t be a constant concern. But you sound like a vibrant woman, considering your embellishment options. So just stick to what you really want. You may not have gotten the orange Beetle, but maybe you can make this one look like it.

Your Beetle looks fabulous as it is. I think it only needs new rims, like Asanti or Sprewell. That would add up a little swagger to it. But, it's just my opinion, though. Your decision would still be the best for it.

These decals will make any Beetle more interesting. Those eyelids are a doozy. Yeah, your Beetle looks fine. You just need to add a little something to add 'oomph'. :D

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