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29 June 2009

Life is a bowl of...


This is probably around a quarter of the cherries we've pulled off the tree in the last few days and there's still more to come.  We're eating till we're fit to burst, giving them away and made an immense clafoutis at the weekend (which I didn't get a chance to take pictures of before it was gobbled up). We'll also be making jam before long.

But, I think we're still in need of cherry recipes. Any good ones?


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Nothing beats them straight off the tree in my opinion, but if I weren't pregnant, I'd be making this:

Also, we were just at the U-Dist farmers market and the chef from Canlis was there making smoothies from cherries, raspberries, apricots, milk and ice.

I don't have any cherry recipes, but they look good! How fortunate to have such a productive tree in the garden :)

I was reading on angry chicken about cherry crumble cake:

Cherries Jubilee. Definitely. Hot cherries in boozy sauce poured over vanilla ice cream and set alight- what's not to like? Recipe here if you fancy having a go:

Oh they don't need any recipe this fab. cherries:) Yummy:)

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