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09 July 2009

Hey Cupcake!


Sorry for light bloggery recently - it's the interminable school vacation here and while we're having lots of fun in the sun, there really isn't much opportunity to get to a computer.

Last weekend, as usual, was filled with preparations for our annual Fourth of July firework party on our roofdeck, for which I ended up baking 113 mini-cupcakes, two huge clafoutis with cherries from our tree and one enormous strawberry and raspberry pavlova (which I will blog about separately).

Here are the cupcakes in action (with a glimpse of one of the clafoutis to the bottom right of the bottom image)



Here is the view on a gorgeously warm and balmy moonlit night.


And here is the ISO button on my camera breaking just before I was going to take pictures of the main event.



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looks beautiful Paola....wish I had been there to savour the vittals...yum

Look at all the wonderful food! That's frustrating about your camera - they always know when to crap out.

Paola, no Union Jacks? I'm so impressed with how you've embraced your new home :)


Ha ha... I forgot to take a photo of the large Union Jack fluttering in the breeze at the back of the deck...(we have a Stars and Stripes too, which is the Minx's favourite...)

Oh and there would be more Union Jacks but for some reason there aren't many to be found in the supermarket come July 4th...

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