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05 August 2009

Paris Hilton’s Doghouse

Fun whimsy or a little bit sick?

Apparently Paris Hilton has been Tweeting about the house she’s had built for her enormous collection of chihuahuas.


The house is 300 sq. ft and two storeys, and features a clay-tile roof with copper gutters, intricate ceiling mouldings and a black crystal chandelier hanging in the bedroom complete with a closet and central air conditioning. It was designed by Paris’s interior designer Faye Resnick and is apparently furnished with faux designer doggie products from such design world luminaries as Jimmy Chew, Pawda, Sniffany & Co. and Chewy Vuitton. Oh and it has a price tag of $350,000.

Am I alone in thinking that in this day and age, this is just a tad inappropriate?  I just hope those dogs like candyfloss pink.


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Oh dear eyes!!! Seriously couldn't she have just given the money to a dog charity or something? ridiculous!

Her doghouse is bigger than my real house.

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its wack really for a dog its gonna die one day anyway make me lol this is messed up BADLY
- Vanessa & Cierra

Omg I love the dog house I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Paris I love it and it looks like one of those Barbie dream houss

Love it and want it and it looks like a Barbie dream house Lolz

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