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11 August 2009

While we’re on the subject of real estate…

this has just gone on sale for $25million in Brooklyn, NYC. This is apparently twice the previous record price for Brooklyn, but, truly you can see why.  I think I could live here quite easily, if anyone fancies gifting me $25million.  The clocks all work too…





See the full slideshow here


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wow! this is truly amazing! those clocks are so cool!

I can't believe that is a HOME! I love it. Although I think after a while I would start having time anxiety, you know the big clock ticking in the sky and all.

oh wow, that's beautiful! i guess if i could scrape up $25 million, i could just throw a mattress on the floor and be happy....

Oh to be so wealthy. Beautiful place, I'd love to see it decorated.

OMG..there it is..a very close approximation of my someday home. Now to figure out where the 25mil is coming from.

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