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18 September 2009

Getting Old

It’s my birthday today and Seattle is rewarding me with the most glorious sunny day imaginable.

The long hot summer of 2009 continues its magic, I’ve picked myself some flowers from the garden, and I’m feeling very lazy, very grateful and very content.

Real birthday celebrations are happening tomorrow, so I can spend the day with Minx, and then on Monday both the Husband and I are taking a day off to go on a very exciting hot date, of which more anon.

See you on Tuesday!

IMG_0864 IMG_0852

Cute antique milk bottle vase is from Casapinka’s fabulous new Etsy store.


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FOR ONCE! I am always late in the birthday department! But, for once...right on time, Paola! Did you think I'd fallen off the face of the earth? Nope. I'm here! And seems like the perfect time to wish you a timely HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (It's my sister's today, also!)

And don't worry about the "old" part. Bowel control is entirely overrated! And frankly, who needs teeth?!! I mean, who doesn't enjoy soup & ice cream? Huh? Rocky Road? No thanks, then... I'll pass.

Hope it's a good one for you, m'dear! :)

Happy Birtday ! Hope you have a wonderfull celebration today...

Many happy returns and enjoy the celebrations.

A huge Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy Birthday, Paola! Here's wishing you many, many happy returns and the good health to enjoy them.

LOVE the flowers! And the milk jug as a vase.

Have a great day the photos are beautiful

Happy birthday!

Belated birthday congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead.

*blushes* thanks!

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