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06 October 2009

Conversations with the Minx


As we are driving past Seattle’s baseball and football stadiums


Minx: That’s Safeco Field!

Me: Who plays there?

Minx: The baseball.

Me:  And who plays at Qwest Field?

Minx: The Sounders! (We recently went to a game.) We had to sing ‘go home Chelsea’! (Chorus of ‘go home Chelsea’ from the back seat). But there were no girls (the Minx is a keen soccer player).

Me: Who else plays at Qwest Field? (Silence) The Seahawks play at Qwest Field. We haven’t been to see them but they play American football.

Minx: Do they have girls?

Me: No, girls don’t usually play American football.

Minx: Is there nowhere in Seattle that I can go to watch GIRLS?

How do I explain that one?


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take her to see the storm!

UW Girls Volleyball! They are amazing...

You need to see the Rat City rollergirls! They are amazing.

Seattle Storm!

I mentioned the Storm to her and she was most enthusiastic. Volleyball and roller derby both never occurred to me - they are such American sports. And I find it difficult not to call it roller DAHby.

Tickets will be procured...

Totally go to a Rat City Roller Derby bout. It is great girls rock kinda stuff.

Pussycat Dolls? Girls Aloud? Sugababes? (in their zillionth lineup)....give it a few years.....;-p

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