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10 December 2009

A New Me – December 2009

So, I’ve been working out all month, and I was thinking that my eating had been pretty good – smaller portions, lots of fruit and veg, cutting right down on the evil white carbs -  so I jumped on the scales on the 6th December expecting great results.

IMG_1966 IMG_2485

              November                                                                            December

Only to find that I weighed 172lbs, for a grand total weight loss of nothing, zip, nada, zilch, NOTHING. My body is ridiculous sometimes. I truly think that the last few years of sitting on my backside working from home has taken a terrible toll on my metabolism.

IMG_1964 IMG_2484

                             November                                                                        December

I was feeling pretty despondent but thought I’d do this month’s photos anyway, for completeness’ sake, but was quite heartened when I put them side by side, as I really think there is a difference. What do you think?

I do feel HUGELY much fitter and my clothes do seem to be fitting better, so maybe I am toning up/building muscle after all. And I’ve definitely got the exercise habit at the moment, which is great news.  I’ve bought a couple of books I’ve been recommended on kickstarting your metabolism, so I’ll report back when I’ve read them.

How did everyone else do this month? Better success than me? Thanks for bearing with me - checking in like this and thoughts of doing a triathlon next year are focusing my mind wonderfully. (Speaking of which, I really need to start dropping some serious poundage if I’m really going to be able to do the tri – like that’s going to happen in December)

Anyway, see you on January 6th (or thereabouts)

Update:  I thought I’d let you know how I’m refining my regime each month, as this is basically an ongoing '’transform my body’ experiment.  I’m currently alternating strength training days with high intensity interval training days courtesy of the aforementioned Cardio Coach.  I’m coming to the end of the EA Sports Active 30 challenge which is full of killer squats and lunges (presumably why my thighs are looking a little more toned in the pictures above) for my strength training and have Jillian Michael’s new Wii game lined up next. Will let you know what that’s like. I’m also cycling more, trying to fit in a bit more swimming and walking more, but will be focusing more on those in January.

I’ve also been making some modifications to my diet (such as eating more protein) based on the books I’ve been reading, but I think they deserve a post to themselves, which I will do when I’ve read them.


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oh, there is definitely a difference Paola, don't get taken in by the smoke and mirrors that are the numbers! have a read of this Q & A on the fitsugar site:

i hope it helps, don't let this get in the way of your hard work so far!

you look much slimmer now than in november. good job!! sometimes the body needs some time to start losing weight so don't be discouraged. you go girl!!

You look great! Remember that: 1) muscle weighs more than fat, 2) feeling better is the best reward, and 3) health is a life long commitment - do what you can when you can and a month's exercise is a GREAT feat.

There is a huge change! You should feel proud of yourself. I am on my third week of running and am just starting to see changes-its slow going.

Thanks for saying you see the difference! I thought maybe I was hallucinating, but it's been very motivating.

HAFO3 maybe you should photograph yourself as well so you can really see the changes. Congrats on the running. I will be starting my running programme at the beginning of January to get ready for the tri.

Screw the scale...the pics don't lie. You're looking great. Keep it up!!

DEFINITE tangible difference.

Yep I can see a difference! It's great how you feel when you have been exercising. It makes you feel much thinner anyway and clothes just fit better! I'm so jealous..I've really got to make it to the gym more than once a week!!

Oh! forgot to say well done!

let me just start off by saying you've always looked gorgeous!

no doubt about it you've slimmed down. as we all know, muscle weighs more than fat. also, as you get more healthy, your body distributes your weight more efficiently, which is why the scale may not have changed, but your body definitely did! the proof is in how your clothes fit.

congratulations, paola!

There is a definite difference in your photos, way to go!

I am also still at 172, oddly enough my wii says that my cat lost .7 pounds, darn cat! I've given myself a mini-goal of losing 8 pounds by my b-day in early Feb, hopefully that will be a good incentive. Right now I'm alternating between wii fit+ and wii active, when I get my body used to moving again I'm going to try the cardio coach you recommended. See you in January :)

You are brave and inspiring, and yes, there is definately a difference. Go Paola!

Kassy, maybe you should ask your cat for slimming tips? 8lbs by early Feb sounds doable to me. Cardio Coach is KILLER (don't say I didn't warn you.

Thanks everyone for all the encouragement, it's enormously helpful!

Oh, we can clearly see a difference!!!! remember that when you work out it first firms everything up, tightens it and muscle weighs more than fat. keep going with it!! you look beautiful and thanks for sharing it with the world. i need to lose myself and you are inspiring me.
thank you.

No question about it, you have slimmed down and firmed up LOTS. Well done!

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