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09 December 2009

Christmas is Coming….

I’ve finished crocheting my Snowflake Garland.  It was very quick and easy and everso slightly addictive. So much so, that I might make some more as gift tags.




The Minx and I referred to that seminal work Usborne Activities – Christmas Cooking at the weekend in order to prepare our Christmas party offering. These were made from a basic Victoria sponge cake cooked in a roasting tin to make one big flat cake. The cake is then cut into twelve squares and ten triangles, covered with butter icing (by me) and decorated most tastefully by the Minx with bits of Twix as the tree trunks.


The now traditional Christmas tree decorating photo was also taken. 


Update: Oops, I forgot to give pattern details for the crochet garland. You can download a free PDF here.  It’s a US pattern, so UK readers should remember to translate it from US crochet terms to British crochet terms, but that’s very simple. Details of the garland I’ve made are here on my Ravelry page, for those of you who are on Ravelry.  If you are, do come and be my friend!


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If I made the same hilarious comment about Lulu and lights as last year, would you remember?

LOVE the garland xx

PS - that is SO your expression on her face....

That garland is really, really cool!

Thanks for the compliments on the garland! I've posted up the details for the pattern if anyone's interested. (It's very, VERY easy).

And yes, D, we would remember the joke, because I linked to the post where you made it the first time...

Thanks for your valuable Information.

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