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18 January 2010

Adventures in Knitting - I Saw Three Gifts


Just a quick and very belated knitting update. I thought I ought to knit the Minx and the Husband something for Christmas seeing as they’re always watching me knitting things for myself.

I made the Minx something called a Calorimetry from some novelty handspun I found on here on Etsy.

  IMG_2810 IMG_2814

IMG_2821  IMG_2834

The Husband got a Windschief cowl to match his eyes in DK Silky Cashmere in the Limited Edition Old Jade colourway (and yes, he is spoilt) from Sundara (this is so he can’t complain about the amount of money I spend in that woman’s direction).

IMG_3190 IMG_3189


And I, because of course I can only knit unselfishly for so long, treated myself to a pair of fingerless gloves in merino silk Opulence in the completely stunning Chocolat Chambord colourway from the Woolen Rabbit.



I have promised myself I won’t start anything new until I’ve finished all my works in progress from last year. So I’m currently plodding through my Lace Shawl, my Interminable Blanket and a sweater I started knitting at the tail end of lat year.

All details as before on my Ravelry page – come and be my friend.


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How is my birthday knit coming along? Can I have some fingerless gloves?

PS These are even nicer than the ones being sold by the sheepload this season at Toast.....

You really do think that flattery will get you everywhere don't you? I'll start birthday knitting when I get my Christmas card :)

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