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18 January 2010

Today I Am Mostly….


…painting the living room.



Actually that was yesterday.  And yes, we need to discuss paint colours as a matter of urgency, probably tomorrow.


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Ooh interesting colour. Looks like a better version of my efforts to paint the Boy's hallway at the old place. Was so pleased with my on trend efforts at a chalky interesting palette, only to discover that 'green clay' comes out looking like mouldy mayonnaise in the darkly lit hall. Error. Designers make it look so easy!! How's it going?

Looks very F&B but presume it's not. Speaking of on-trend stuff, where do we all stand on feature walls in 2010? I was eyeing up a reduced roll of something floral and shiny in habitat sale, but do not want to make laughable error....

D, I don't know re. feature walls. I could ask my readers...

H, Mouldy Mayonnaise sounds delightful. I think you have a career as a paint colour namer ahead of you. (Actually, I'd LOVE that job...)

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