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14 January 2010

While We’re On The Subject of Granny Squares


I came across these fabulous pictures in Holly Decor8’s Interior Styling pool and had to share them with you.

I am now having to sit on my hands I’m so desperate to start crocheting a granny square garland. What a great idea. And absolutely gorgeous styling too.

{Idea and pictures from Dottie Angel. This is why I’m learning to crochet. I also want those knitting needles – does anyone know what make they are?}






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This is very nice, it is also an hobby in Japan, but they usually connect all small pieces to make a blanket or decorate their small bags. This is the first time that I see from your post that it was used to be a decor on wall, really beautiful.
By the way, always enjoy your selection, thanks.

the needles look vintage - I have some similar ones that I inherited from my granny:

I know. I saw yours on Facebook and was jealous of them there. Do they have a brand name on them at all? That way I can stalk Ebay...

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