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23 February 2010

A Walk Up My Street

This comes with huge apologies for all those of you struggling with yet more snow in the UK and on the East Coast.


This is what has been happening in that crazy parallel universe we call Seattle, where we’ve been having an unseasonably mild and rainfree winter. This is all happening within a block of my house – you can smell the heady perfume in the streets. Have you ever seen so much insane loveliness in February?  More on Flickr.


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How pretty! As I'm sure you know, this winter has seen persistent snow in the UK - just this evening as I walked home it was snowing, yet again. But I'm sure some day we'll have Spring weather and blossoms to enjoy... fingers crossed!

Funnily enough the weather in Seattle and London is often eerily similar (check out the weather pixies on my sidebar) but this winter they seem to be so different. The blossoms are incredibly early for Seattle...I've never seen anything like it since I've been here

Oh my god. So so jealous. Snowing currently in Milwaukee. Looks amazing there.

Hello lovely lady!
It's Alex from BYW.
So excited to have you in my group!
We're going to have a blast....Welcome to the Valley of the Blogs!!


Oh my gosh its been so lovey here!!! I've been taking lots of flower photos. rain.

wow, i want to move to Seattle!

You just made my heart drop! I cannot WAIT for spring to come to Chicago. I *yearn* for it in my dreams! These photos are not helping :) Beautiful!

Spring....I remember that....

Wow, they're all so beautiful! I can't think of anything else to say, they're just so pretty.

Don't apologise - if we can have just a fraction of that in the next few months it will be worth that wait.
Thanks so much for sharing those - now can you send 'spring' vibes our way in the UK please! x

Oh how beautiful...those colours are stunning. I want to be there right now.

These are lovely pics :) I almost posted one of blossom but it's two years old and there really isn't any out round here at the moment.

Gorgeous, I love Seattle.

Really lovely pictures, I love the way you have fitted them all together.

CJ xx

Thanks everyone!

Great pics. Love the Gallery

gorgeous collection! still have snow here so i'm SO ready for this view.

Truly beautiful! The photo mosaic just lifts my soul. I love the colours - especially the blue sky with the contrasting white and pink flowers. Thank you

I LOVE that!! How do you do that?!?!!

Plan B. When you say 'that' what exactly do you mean? ;)

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