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04 February 2010

Adventures in Knitting – First Lace Wrap


I’m so proud of my little self.  I should probably retire from knitting now.

Topaz Wrap

I also have NO CLUE where I will ever wear this.


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That is lovely! I'd wear it everyday!

it looks so good - and you've chosen a fantastic color - i hope you can enjoy it and just wear it!
greetings - gudrun

That is exquisite Paola. Can safely say that I could never never achieve that.

It's absolutely gorgeous! Great job! I wish I had the patience to work on something like that.

Thanks all. I am extremely proud of it. And I plan to wear it a LOT on summer evenings.

Lucy, it's just knitting. If you can knit and purl you would be able to do it. The pattern actually isn't that difficult. For me it was just a lesson in patience and perseverance and concentration. And it's also one of those things that looks like a bundle of string before it's blocked out - that's what made it look so good.

Love it. Wear this shall with pride.

Your blocking post reminded me of my scarf so I have been a mad knitter every night since.

Amanda, glad to have been an inspiration! Let us know when you're done with your scarf...

Ooh, I love your creation! The color yarn you selected is lovely. By the way, I found your blog via BYW. Are you enjoying the class as much as I am?

OMG, it's stunning!!
I can only imagine how proud you feel. I'd wear it everywhere!

Your finished product is beautiful! So far I can only knit/crochet simple rectangles... ie. scarfs...but one day I hope to be this good! You should share pics with us when you wear it! =)

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