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08 February 2010

Is This My Blog?



Oh but I’ve had a fun morning. Our homework for Holly Decor8’s ‘Blogging Your Way’ course this week was to put together an inspiration board that summed up our blogs.  We weren’t allowed to put it together on our computers but instead had to use things we had to hand. 

As you’ve probably realised I fight continual battle between my childish love of bright colour and my desire to be more chic and sophisticated.  On this occasion I just thought, f*ck it, and let my inner child take over.

Here are some individual elements.


Funnily enough the board began with this moody shot of Pixie Geldof from a recent British Vogue. I’ve always wanted to have very short platinum blonde hair (I have the short hair and have been blonde, but never done both at once).  I think I’m too old for it now.

I cheated a bit and printed out some photos. I know this wasn’t supposed to be a digital board, but I thought it would be OK since photography is becoming an increasingly big part of the blog/my life.

I also wanted to include some mirrormirror products – the Interiors Colouring Book, Karin Eriksson small bowls and Abigail Percy earrings.

The Illy coffee cup and picture of spaghetti speaks to my Italian heritage and my love of Italy, Italian design and PASTA.


I included some favourite room shots, including some favourite chairs. I do love chairs. And the paint chip is supposed to encourage me in my home renovation endeavours.

The cookies cutters, dayglo cake candles and sprinkles reflect mine and the Minx’s love of tasteful baking.

And have you noticed how much I love graphic daisy shapes? I’d never really realised how much until now.


And if nothing else this exercise has made me realise that I need to hang the beautiful Mexican embroidery I brought back from our trip there two years ago, which is currently just folded up in a cupboard.

And here are more daisies, a cute Ossie Clark sketch on a postcard from the V&A which I absolutely adore, and a photo of houses in Portobello Road, because a little piece of my heart will always remain in Notting Hill.  And a cute Marimekko tin.

And there’s yarn. Because at the moment there has to be yarn.

All pics also on Flickr. I’m reviving my commitment to getting stuff up on Flickr, so do come and be my friend. I’d love to see your pictures too.


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I have lots of daisy shapes in my house too! It's a shame isn't it to have to struggle with a feeling of being "immature" because you like color. I think it's just a natural reflection of our exuberant mediterranean temperaments! And that's why I loved being in Europe because color doesn't signify that way. Just think of all the gorgeously colored walls and buildings in Florence and Venice and Nice! And in Europe they're not afraid of pattern either and you have choices of motifs beyond daisies.

Amy Butler was doing some wonderful patterns but I've noticed since the recession onset they've gone a bit safer and the colors are duller.

I didn't join in with your brown-grumble the other week Paola, but here I am now! You don't think anyone can hear us do you?

Yes! I love it. I've started to do the same digitally, but in a very half-assed way... i.e. emailing myself photos or sites with the subject line "blog." It's not working. I think I'll steal some of your homework and do my own this week! I love the oranges.

Mademoiselle P, you are so right - I shall henceforth consider it surrendering to my inner Italian/Frenchwoman/Mexican. I really should be living in a stone farmhouse by the Mediterranean somewhere.


It was worth doing - it was interesting to focus on the things that I'm really loving at the moment and see what they have in common. As I look round the house I see daisies everywhere...

I LOVED reading you :) And I loved seeing your mood board as much. And Yes, I'm a full colour woman. Unabashed :)I really liked your cookie cutters & the happy kid :)

Your completed project is lovely! I too am a fan of color, the more the better! See you in class....


Fun! Wonderful, colorful, happy board!

so, so bright and cheery! love the notting hill houses - gorgeous! this so colourful...alive...and makes fun...the cookie cutters...great, really good job...;)...cheers ines

Hello Paola!
How could I have missed to check out your inspiration board until now?!
It's GREAT! And since I am:
- Addicted to London (see the Portobello Road pic)
- Italian and living in Italy (see pasta image & coffee cup...)
...I relate to it so much!
I also understand very well the feeling (and the struggle sometimes...) to "grow up" in terms of taste, from immediate/naive to more mature and complex.

BTW, I'm absolutely smitten with those earrings! I think I'll save some money for few weeks and then they'll be MINE!

Thanks again for sharing this happy inspiration board!
Suze (fellow student at BYW)


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