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02 February 2010

More Nice Mentions



(And believe me, when you’re as amply chested as I am,  you need it… )

I  haven’t done a More Nice Mentions for a bit, but I do like to share the link love.

My interior styling post was mentioned by Whorange and Shelterrific.

Not Martha is thinking of buying a Nook.

The Times (the real proper London version, not that New York based upstart) Online’s Alpha Mummy blog mentioned the Hello Kitty plane, as did A Modern Mother.

Urban Casita found us through the Homies. (UC is great by the way, do check it out).

Bushra at Fudgeit threatened to bake cupcakes using cupcake wrappers from mirrormirror but we never found out what happened in the end.

Anna Burns at Oh Hello Friend loves the Stacking Egg Cups and Stacking Storage pots.

Liz at Violet Posy thanked us for sponsoring her blog.

The Steel Cut Garland found its way onto House to Home (the website of Ideal Home, Livingetc, Homes and Gardens etc). It also appeared on Rdekko.

And some old links I’ve only recently become aware of. Design Crisis likes peacocks. Urban Nest also likes peacocksOhdeedoh likes Miffy. My Pretty Penny wants a shower cap.

Thanks everyone for the mentions! I really appreciate all the support – especially those of you who link to the shop (links are SO precious for an online shop). If you’ve mentioned either the blog or the shop recently and I haven’t linked back to you, please let me know, so I can include you in the next round up.

{The card above is from Etsy-based Letterpress artist Kirtland House Press.}


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Wow, that's an excellent haul. Presume none of these sites subject to new parental control....? oh, apropos-ish, am 'doing' Pearl Lowe's house in Frome for next Bath Life- did not realise when I asked the agent, was just delighted and amazed to find a house with a halfway interesting interior... xx

oh now i feel bad! the thing is i got into cupcakes before i got married and lived with the nieces, so it became our thing. but i couldn't get the wrappers in time for our last get together. so i am saving them for the easter hols, where i will have moved into our new home and we shall be having sleepovers and cupcake days! and no, thank *you* for the mention :)))

Congratulations! That really is a haul.

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