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22 February 2010

Tweet, Tweet


Being at the forefront of technological innovation as I am, I’ve just arrived in the world of Twitter. Still trying to figure it all out but my handle is mirrormirrorxx (yes, very naff, but the best I could do).  Who are good/witty/amusing people to follow? Do you guys find Twitter useful? Or is it just another huge time suck? (Like I don’t have enough of those in my life). Will I be seeing you there?

Tweety stacking salt and pepper pots above by Hannah Tofalos are from mirrormirror.


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How daring to go Twitter... I am of no help because so far I only think about going to Twitter... I am too afraid of the time suck... Keep us posted about your progress please!

You're right. It is the MOST appalling time suck. I'm going to have to put the parental controls too... (but it is fun...)

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